About Taiwan

  Taiwan, formerly known as “Formosa” – beautiful island, is located in East Asia and provides convenient of travel for international tourists. Taiwan offers many different landscape sceneries and natural wonders. Mountains are everywhere you turn and diverse coastlines from rocky reefs to sandy gullies are surrounded the entire island.

  Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, located in the north part of the island is the center of politics, economic, and culture. Mix with skyscrapers and old villages, Taipei offers tourists to travel from the future to the past by just walking around the city.

  Taiwan is not only famous for its technology development but also its gourmet food. One of a good way to experience this multicultural society is by your taste buds. From streetside food stands to upscale restaurants, there are always mind-blowing cuisines waiting for you to discover.

  The best way to discover this beautiful island is to visit Taiwan for yourself. For more tourism information, go to following links:


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