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Last update: 2014/06/18

The contest will NOT be run as a paperless contest this year. To ensure the efficiency of the task translation, several attempts have been implemented this year, and we outline the procedure during the translation night below.

Translation Venue and Facilities

The translation will take place at the 4th floor of the TICC in the evenings/nights before the two contest days. A number of laptops will be provided upon request (one laptop per team) for the translation. The hardware specification of the translation laptops can be found on the Contest Environment page.

A new translation system has been implemented based on MultiMarkDown syntax, which is similar to the syntax of WiKi and LaTeX. However, for those people who are not familiar with the syntax, it won’t be a big problem to translate the tasks because all you need to do is to replace the English texts with your own language texts on the web-based system. The system also supports versioning, and you can go back to the earlier version whenever necessary. The system will be made available for remote practice before the contest, and please refer to the Contest Practice page for more detail.

Both wireless and wired Internet connectivity will be provided in the translation room. A number of printers will also be provided if there is a need. Food and coffee will be provided as well for sure.

Preparation of the English Version Paper Tasks

Once the competition tasks have been finalized, the IOI’14 staff (in the Zone C) will print out the English version tasks and put into the envelopes, which will be distributed to the contestants for the next day contest.

Preparation of the Translation Version Paper Tasks

Once a contest team finishes the translation, the leader (or deputy leader) should report to the IOI’14 staff in the Zone A of the working areas in the translation room. The staff will download the PDF from the translation server, and give the hardcopy of the translation to the leader for proofreading.

If the translation has to be revised, the leader revise their translation and report to Zone A again when it is done. If the translation is perfect after proofreading, the leader has to sign the hardcopy and report to the IOI’14 staff in the Zone B. The staff will give a receipt (Form C006) to the leader if all the required documents/procedures have been complete (otherwise, the leader has to complete the remaining procedures and report to Zone B later). Then, the translation of the team is called complete, and further changes on the translation server will not be accepted. 

Note that, in case that there is a need for a team (team A) to request the translation made by the other team (team B), the leader (team A) has to collect the signature from the team leader of the other team (team B). The signature form (Form C005) will be available in the translation room during the translation.

Once the translation is complete, the IOI staff (in the Zone C) will print out the translation tasks and put into the envelopes of the corresponding contestants. 

Note that if there are issues encountered during the contest, the ISC may decide to give the contestants the photocopy of the signed proofreads made by their team leader. 

 Flowchart of the Translation Procedures



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