Dear friends of IOI,

    On behalf of the 26th IOI Organizing Committee, I sincerely invite and welcome all members of the IOI community to participate in the 2014 International Olympiad in Informatics to be held in Taipei, Taiwan from July 13th through the 20th. 

    Taiwan is located in the far east of Asia and is well known for her leading role in information technology sector.  However, that’s not all Taiwan has to offer.  From old mining town of Jiufen to seaside Fuchi fishing village, from the treasured collection of ancient Chinese arts at the National Palace Museum to modern Franz porcelains, and from exquisite Chinese dishes in the restaurants to authentic Taiwanese delicacy in the night markets, there are many faces of Taiwan waiting for you to see, to explore and to experience.

    With the help of government sponsorships, including the Ministry of Education, the National Science Council and the Taipei City Government, as well as key corporate sponsors, including Acer, China Telecom, Cisco, Intel, and Schneider Electric, we are confident that IOI 2014 will be a successful and memorable IOI for all.  Hope to see you all in Taipei.

Distinguished Prof. Greg C. Lee, PhD.

National Taiwan NormalUniversity, Taiwan

Chair of IOI 2014


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